Contactless Check-in and Check-out


  1. Make your reservation

    Make your reservation following the usual steps. It is important that you provide a mobile number so we can communicate with you.

  2. Receive your Room information

    Before your arrival you will receive via text message or email your room number and a key code to access it. We will give you a call to make sure that you got the information allright.

  3. Arrive at the Inn

    When you arrive at the hotel, proceed directly to your room. You will be automatically checked in when you punch-in your code. Follow the instructions in the picture.

  4. Checkout

    Unless you have any questions or you need a print receipt, you will be automatically checked out at the end of the reservation period. Just leave the room and the code will be voided automatically when the time comes.


We pride ourselves for being one of the cleanest hotels in the Cape in normal times. Now more than ever this is our commitment.

Sample image

The urban dictionary defines "clean freak" as someone who has to constantly clean; someone who obsessively cleans. That's us!

Non instrusive

We respect your privacy and we will try to be as uninstrusive as possible while keeping your room fresh.

Long Stays

If you are staying several days with us, we will clean your bathroom, refresh your room and make your bed upon request (text us to 508.264.0650).